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    P&H Bahiya Sea Kayak + Lots of Accessories- Great Condition!!! - $2400

    I am selling my fiberglass P&H Bahiya sea kayak purchased used at Osprey Sea Kayak in Westport, Massachusetts in 2008. The inside of the boat indicates
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    Stellar I.C.F K-1 85

    Stellar 2014 flatwater kayak. All carbon latest design 24lbs black with yellows stripes
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    Epic V-12

    2009 Epic V-12, never been in the water, rudder still in the bubble wrap. Bought it to replace the boat I use now, but may actually end up selling both in
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    Valhalla Victory Special Surf Ski Adventure Race Kayak (can do Florida Delivery)

    This is a New Valhalla Special about 32 pounds with adjustable foot pedals, kick up carbon rudder amp;amp; single footwell with a venturi drain. This is
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    Surf Ski

    This surf ski has had flat water use only so far. No salt water contact ever. It has spent all of its days in dim light of a basement, little use. Gelcoat
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    Epoxy Super Cruiser Blue Stripe SUP 11' x 31

    Shipping to any SoCal location for only $55 The Super Cruiser SUP This SUP is a great surfing SUP that can can easily cruise the flat water. It is based on
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    10ft 6in x 32in x 4 1/2 in Bamboo Stand Up Paddle Boards PKG by JK Paddleboards

    Shipping to LA to San Diego locations for only $55 The Big Boy Surf SUP The Big Surf SUP is based on the need for shorter stable SUPs with incredible
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    SPK-2 Stand up Paddle Board w/ Paddle BT-88871

    SPK-2 Stand up Paddle Board w/ Paddle BT-88871
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    SPK-1 Stand up Paddle Board w/ Paddle BT-88867P

    SPK-1 Stand up Paddle Board w/ Paddle BT-88867P
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    Solstice 29900 Whitewater Rapids Rogue 2-Person Convertible Inflatable Kayak