NC Kayaks NC17 Overnighter LT Lightweight

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NC Kayaks NC17 Overnighter LT Lightweight
NC Kayaks NC17 Overnighter LT Lightweight

The NC17 series is an extremely fast and effecient touring kayak. With excellent Rough Water handling characteristics, Great Tracking and virtually no weathercocking. In Flat Water conditions it is incredibly smooth and fast! It’s designed for larger bodiies of water including Open Ocean, Lakes and Larger Slow Moving Rivers. Very maneuverable on edge! The NC17 series truly shines in Open Water. Designed to track arrow-straight without the assistance of a rudder or skeg. With as few as three paddle strokes you can go from a full stop to full speed. You can feel the boat accelerate with every paddle stroke. Whether you’re a racer or recreational paddler, the speed and efficiency are greatly beneficial battling currents or simply wanting to get from point A to point B with less effort and time.

The NC17 series best fits paddlers measuring 5’0″- 6’2″ weighing between 100-240 lbs. with up to a size 13½ shoe.

17’2″ length  23″ width  43 pounds    MSRP $3199.99
This particular kayak has a White HullMedium Blue colored Deck and Orange Seat and Coaming.
Brand New with warranty.  Shipping Available
Call for details 1-888-441-8582 or 253-476-8582

Many other In-Stock boats available or order your Custom Kayak
NC Kayaks Simply the Best!
Performance – Value – Style
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Save $800 off MSRP

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