How Do I Ship My Boat?

The Buyer/Seller is responsible for shipping their boat. We recommend a shipping company called KAS Transport. They can be reached HERE or call them at 855-452-9256 (toll free)


How Do I Contact The Seller?

You can contact the seller through the contact page tab of their listing. They will then receive a message on their Kayak Trader account along with an email letting them know they have a message. Often times, sellers will provide an email address where they can be reached on their listing.


What Price Should I Set For My Listing?

Remember that this is a classifieds site and so people are looking for good deals. We suggest listing your price below retail price and then negotiating the final sale price with interested buyers.


What Type Of Listing Should I Use?

All listings will be seen by potential customers however you can increase the probability your listing will sell by upgrading to the bronze, silver, or gold package.


Is the Gold Membership A Good Option For Me?

If you plan on listing more than one item, we HIGHLY recommend you purchase a gold membership. This will allow you to purchase multiple listings with all enhancements, ensuring the best possible chance of your item selling.