Derek Hutchinson Revier by Southern Exposure

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Derek Hutchinson Revier by Southern Exposure

The Greenland style lines are lovely on this boat. It is a great kayak for a smaller sized paddler. Excellent tracking, no rudder, surfs easily, is very fast and holds speed well. Reviewed in the February 1996 Sea Kayaker magazine as “a boat that requires a sophisticated paddler” and “will respond best to a paddler who has or is committed to acquiring good paddling skills.”

This kayak has been enjoyed on multiple trips of 7 to 10 days in British Columbia.

White with ocean cockpit, 3 bulkhead compartments including a handy day hatch, approx. weight 54 pounds. Length 17′ with a 20 3/8″ beam.

Located in Tacoma, WA.


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