Kirton Typhoon #11 Full Carbon

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Kirton Typhoon #11 Full Carbon

The modern sleek lines of the Typhoon make a boat that it as fast as any top-spec K1’s from the 1980’s, but with a welcome stability boost when compared to today’s top racers. The result is the freedom to paddle with confidence and power.

With cross sections designed to minimize wobble without adversely affecting speed, the Typhoon is a great choice for paddlers looking to progress into the top ranks. Experienced paddlers at the other end of their career, will find the Typhoon a comfortable platform which performs excellently. Endurance athletes will also welcome the improved stability, as fatigue sets in and water conditions worsen.

The rounded centre section and v’eed forward sections makes for a sea kindly craft that performs well in a wide range of conditions.

Call for a quote with delivery. Joe 770-519-7677 or email joe@kayaktrader.com.


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