New MOCKE Cellphone Dry Bag

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New MOCKE Cellphone Dry Bag

The MOCKE Cellphone Dry Bag is an essential safety item.

At MOCKE we prioritize paddler safety. Therefore we developed a cellphone dry bag that ensures reliability no matter the conditions or elements.

ALWAYS take a cellphone with you when paddling offshore. This ensures you have communication in case of an emergency… or any other situation.

Our dry bag can be used with Smart Phones thus we have called our cellphone dry bag the SMART DRY BAG.


  • Rated IPX8* means our  dry bag is 100% water & dust proof
  • Submersible up to 10m
  • Suitable for smart phones with touch screens
  • Maintains your phone’s functionality, reception and sound quality
  • Large window so you can see the phone properly
  • Drawstring to attached the dry bag or hang around your neck.
  • Floats when dropped in water while containing your phone

*Our Smart Dry Bag is rated according to the international standard
IEC 60529 – “Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures”. IPX8 is the
highest achievable rating for submersible enclosures.


  • Insert your phone upside down so that when you have to use it hanging from your neck, it will be the correct way up
  • ALWAYS ensure proper closure of clamping system & check for obstructions that may compromise sealing
  • DO NOT overfill or force fill the bag as this can cause tears in the sides
  • TAKE CARE when putting keys in the bag so as not to puncture the bottom or the side walls


  • Every dry bag has a life span. Keep checking your Smart Dry Bag for
    cuts or tears. Every 2 years is a good turn-a-round for replacement.
  • Tip – Your wet hands could bring moisture into the dry bag.
    Inserting a moisture protector like  a ball of cotton wool or a packet
    of silicone balls (found inside new shoe boxes) aids in keeping the
    inside dry.

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